"Prince of Wales"
Hair from One Person

DNA Jewelry

Custom Creations by:
Hair Artist
Sandra Johnson


"Family Bouquet"
Contains Hair of Two Generations
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Have a Hair Art Pendant Made

Using Your Own Hair or the Hair of Your Loved One
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"Basket Weave" "Family Flowers" The pendant above was created using hair and ivory from a
Woolly Mammoth
"Daisies" "Sepia Castle"

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Using  techniques  from the 1700  and  1800's this  jewelry  is  fashioned  from  a  lock  of your  loved one's hair into the design of the client's choice.   The "hair art" is  done on a  piece of mother-of-pearl  and  then  placed into  a solid sterling silver pendant  with a glass domed covering.  The pendants have the versatility of being worn as either a  necklace or a brooch.    They feature both a pin with a safety clasp and a loop for a chain on the back.  These solid sterling pendants can also be ordered with a 24k gold vermeil finish.   All my pieces are signed pieces.  My initials as the artist are engraved into the pendant itself on the bail where it will not interfere with or be confused with engraving placed on the pendant by the client.

"Hair  Jewelry" was  made as  mourning  jewelry,  remembrance jewelry  and as a gift of  love during Victorian times and before when there were no pictures to  look  upon and  remember a loved one  with.   Hair jewelry makes a unique and  beautiful gift  to a loved one for a  special occasion even today.  Hair jewelry is made and given with love. 

This jewelry is made using the "cutwork" or "palette work" technique, and results in a pendant of "wearable art".  Very little hair is needed,  a small lock  is sufficient  to make any of the styles shown, and custom designs can be done to your specifications upon request.

 ** Not all hair is compatible for every design, please e-mail with any questions.

Recently I have begun experimenting with tinting the hair.  This is not something commonly seen in antique Victorian Hair Jewelry.  A friend of mine (thank you Abby) gave me hair which she had tinted before cutting it off and it was the inspiration for all the hair art to follow which involves color.  A whole new dimension to my hair art was created.  

Family pendants could have great significance in the future 

as they hold the DNA of an entire family.  

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"Sepia Bridge"

During Victorian and Earlier Times it Was Customary 

to Wear Jewelry Made With the Hair of a Loved One. 

And It's Potential Importance
Brings This Old Art Into The 21st Century 

Save Your Own or Your Loved Ones DNA in a Beautiful Piece of Jewelry
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"Rose & Ferns"
Hair Tinted Pink
& Green

Wikipedia has the definition and a small article on hair art for those interested

in more background information on the history of this beautiful old art form.

       Click  Here to get to the page for more history.

Hair contains the DNA of a person and hair will last virtually forever

Click Here for  Link to a brief explanation of DNA

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Alison's  Squirrel
During Victorian times flowers had symbolic meanings.     For instance a pansy symbolized thoughtfulness, a rose meant love or hope

Click To See The SYMBOLISM of the flowers and figures historically used in Victorian Hair Art Jewelry.

Pansies in Heart

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This is the top of a brass
Music Box

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Sterling Picture Frame with
Design Made Using Hair from
Three Sisters and One Brother

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